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Adams Locksmiths is family owned and operated serving Broward County and South Palm Beach County for over 25 years with fast, friendly and reliable locksmith service. We are always honest and fair with our pricing. We are licensed, bonded and insured and have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We show up quickly and on time. We are available evenings and weekends for emergency locksmith services.

We provide quality work and offer you a 1 year guarantee on any new lock purchased and installed from us. We also offer 90 days guaranteed work on all other locks and key work. We take pride in our great reputation over the years as evidenced by our high level of customer satisfaction and repeat customers. Please see our testimonials page for our reviews.

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Do Not Compromise the Safety or Security of Your House

Compromising on the security of your house can be a dangerous situation. You may not just lose the important items and valuables from your home, but you may also risk the life of your family. A locksmith in Parkland can help you avoid such life-threatening situations. They know about modern lock repairs, and understand that the lock functionality in your home cannot be underestimated.  Existing locks may work in a proper way, but sometimes you may need a new lock for proper function.
A locksmith company in Parkland, which should be insured, certified and bonded, understand that how crucial is it to keep the safety of everyone in your house. They will repair and replace the locks in your property and give you best suggestions so you can upgrade the lock and security system of your house as per your needs. There are many complex locks which need professional installation; and, a locksmith in Pompano Beach can help you install supreme quality locks that give you complete peace of mind. No matter the type of locks you need, professional locksmiths have the necessary experience, training, and expertise to install the best locks for better safety and security of your house.
Residential Locksmith Services
There are many types of residential locksmith services offered by a reputed Pompano Beach locksmith to resolve your lock and key problems. If you have moved into a new rented place, then installing new locks will be certainly feasible and wise to avoid burglary or theft. You can get fast lockout service, pick proof locks, master pins removal service, repair of doors that are damaged due to break-ins, changing the deadbolts, and a lot more.
A residential locksmith company in Pompano Beach and Parkland is well aware of the kinds of problems that you may face because of insecure lock systems. Thus, they will give good suggestions to improve the lock systems in your property. They can also upgrade the alarm systems as per your needs and make sure your property is safe from the theft, and you, or your family do not have to face any kind of safety issues.

Receive Excellent Locksmith Service in Coconut Creek and Coral Springs

A lockout situation may come as a surprise, and you may feel disappointed and frustrated in such a situation. Finding an emergency locksmith service company will be the best decision at this time. You can check for a locksmith in Coconut Creek, who offers around-the-clock service. A certified emergency locksmith service provider will give their services 24/7.

Solutions Offered by Locksmiths

The best Coral Springs locksmith can be accessed anytime no matter what the lock and the key problem is. If you leave your keys in the house or lose them accidentally, the locksmith can help you get duplicate keys in no time. Sometimes, they can make the keys onsite. If you are in an isolated parking lot and realize you have locked the keys in the car or broken the key in an ignition, then do not panic. Simply call the locksmith in Coral Springs who can help you get ease the terrifying situation soon. Your vehicle will be on the road in no time with their assistance.

The certified Coconut Creek locksmith also gives appropriate solutions to the locking system concerns that you may have. Thus, all your worries will be resolved, and it will not be a costly affair. A reputed locksmith will have all the knowledge and skills to handle the high-tech security systems proficiently. They will also give cost-effective solutions and use the right techniques to handle all your lock and key problems perfectly.

The locksmith professionals make use of high-quality equipment and tools to resolve all the lock and key issues in no time. They also assure you by providing quick results. The types of services they offer are vast. They will help in auto lock =out or home lockout situations; and, also give services like replacement of locks and keys, making of duplicate keys, magnet door locks, keyless entry locks, and the upgrade of different locks and alarm systems. So, get in touch with the nearest locksmith for various services at a fair price and improve the security of your home and office.

Upgrade Your Lock System with a Locksmith in Parkland

There are hundreds of locks in an office, and every single one of them is for the safety of something important. So if you are getting locks installed at your new office, you should contact a professional locksmiths who is working with various locksmith service providing companies. These people have the knowledge and the technical know-how to know which lock is perfect for your office. In case of any malfunction you can call these people, and they will solve your problem at an instant. They will even help you get multiple sets of keys that you can give to your cleaning and maintenance department.

Upgrade Your System

In case you are not happy with the security that you are getting from your current arrangements, then you can contact the locksmith in Parkland. These experts will upgrade your entire office building lock systems and make them more advanced and secure. These companies are equipped to install keypad access and digitally controlled lock systems. So if you want card locks for your office you can call them. Business organizations who need high-security level can get special security locks that are made specifically for them.

Change the Passwords

The locksmiths can also help you to change or alter the passwords for your safety frequently. As there are hundreds of people in an office building, proper measures should be taken for emergency situations so that people can get out as easily as they got in without any keys and cards. So you need to get a panic bar installed by Pompano Beach locksmith so that during an emergency, the door helps your employees exit the building.

Make the Office Safe

The Coconut Creek locksmith would even install an exit alarm on the door, so that people do not take advantage of it without any real emergency situation. If there is any unauthorized entry through these panic bars, the alarm will go off and alert everyone on the floor of the intrusion. You can also get locks and keys for the cabinets and desks that are used in every department. These people are active day and night throughout the year so no matter how minor the problem you face they will be there to solve it.

Reasons Why You Need a Locksmith in Boca Raton

It is a very common problem to have a digitized lock malfunction, and you find yourself locked out of your house. It can get really frustrating when all the locksmiths you call are either busy or not available in your locality. The best thing to do in such a situation is to call any locksmith service company that employs multiple locksmiths who will be able to solve your problem in seconds. As these companies have an entire team of locksmiths, they will never turn you down because of a shortage of personnel. All locksmiths bring their equipment along with them and will fix your lock in no time.

Install Your New Locks

Not only do they have the equipment, but the locksmith in Boca Raton has the required training and are entirely capable of handling any lock. The importance of a lock is undeniable in any household. It not only protects you from intruders but also gives you privacy and a sense of security. So if you are getting new locks installed it is highly recommended that you get it done from these trained people. They will not only help you to install the locks but will also give you their expert insights and help you chose the right locks.

Lost Keys

In case you lose your keys or need a new set of keys for your roommate, you can go to the Coconut Creek locksmith. They not only install locks, but are also experienced in making keys that would fit your locks seamlessly. Some companies even have on-site key making facilities that are provided during emergency situations. The best thing about these people is that they will even keep your mails safe and secure by providing you with locks and keys for your mailbox.

Make Your House Secure

If you want to install locks at your new home, the Pompano Beach locksmiths have all of the equipment for installing advanced pick-proof and child proof locks for your home. They will even repair any lock that has been damaged due to any forced entry to your house. Many people stay with their parents who have Alzheimer and losing them would be heartbreaking for anyone. These locksmiths are equipped to install security locks that are made especially for Alzheimer patients.

How to choose the best locks

Your house should have the best safety and security at all times. However, what makes one choose cheap locks is the budget retrain and the limited sources that are available for him. Cheap locks provide cheap security that is not at all right and is open to theft and burglary. Although locks and security systems are a little expensive, it is recommended to go for only the best available that provides total security to the homes. Of course you should not buy locks blindly there are hundreds of locks that come at affordable prices at Pompano Beach locksmith where you can get to choose the best for your home.

Region where you live
Consider the area where your home is and if there is a lot of theft in that area or whether it is a safe place. Many times you own an independent bungalow far from the city or an apartment in the city with lots of buildings in the neighborhood. After considering, you can check the best lock that suit your requirement.

Consider the entry points
Many homes come with the back door as well as the front door, the balcony, terrace and many such places that come with doors. These places need secure high quality locks so that breaking them is not easy. The doors which are open to the roads should always be installed with locks from a reputable brand.

Hire professional locksmith
The places where you will need professional locksmiths are the lockers, study room, offices, etc. the professional locksmiths can handle the sensitive areas and also suggest you the best locks like the electronic locks, electronic card locks, password locks and more. Ensure that you hire who is an expert in the field and also get reviews from other customers.
Get a closer look at locksmiths
Before choosing the locksmiths, it would be better if you ask the neighbors about a good locksmith and what the services are. This helps in case of emergencies when you have an emergency or you have left your keys inside the home. the staff should be experienced and knowledgeable.