Adams Locksmiths is family owned and operated serving Broward County and South Palm Beach County for over 25 years with fast, friendly and reliable locksmith service. We are always honest and fair with our pricing. We are licensed, bonded and insured and have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We show up quickly and on time. We are available evenings and weekends for emergency locksmith services.

We provide quality work and offer you a 1 year guarantee on any new lock purchased and installed from us. We also offer 90 days guaranteed work on all other locks and key work. We take pride in our great reputation over the years as evidenced by our high level of customer satisfaction and repeat customers. Please see our testimonials page for our reviews.

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How would you chose a locksmith?  Many people have been the victims of people who claim to be locksmiths but are really scam artists. You locked the door with your keys inside. You call all round to find the cheapest one you can find. They quote you a small service charge...say $35 plus labor (they know you're shopping for the best price). When they write up your bill the price has gone to  $150-$300.The old BAIT AND SWITCH. This has sadly been documented on every local  news station from coast to coast.  Always ask someone if they can recommend a locksmith they have used and trust for good work at a fair price. If that's not possible use your common sense and good judgment by asking the right questions on the phone. How will you open my lock?  Will you be able to pick it open? Will I be able to use the same lock with the same key?  Will you damage the lock?  Will there be any other charges other than what was quoted? Listen to what they answer and the way the answer is given.  Are they hesitant?  Not sure? Don't go by the lowest price. Always look for credentials in their ads and how long they're in business. When the locksmith arrives at your ocation don't forget to mention the price quoted on the phone before the work is started. If he starts to drill your lock before trying to pick it open stop him  and send him away.  I know if my daughter was looking for a locksmith, I would want someone to come to her who is an experienced locksmith that  is family owned and operated.  I would want her to have fair pricing and someone who is licensed bonded and insured.  I would want her to keep the honest locksmith's number in her phone so she can call the same owner  for her automotive locksmith needs, her commercial locksmith needs, and  her residential locksmith needs.  From re-keying an old lock to a new lock installation, I would want her to call an affordable, trustworthy  locksmith.  I wish she lived in Broward County or Palm Beach County so I could be her go to locksmith. 

Residential Locks- Knob Locks

Do these locks look familiar? 

This is the most economical type of lock.  This is a basic lock that you have to grip the knob to turn and open the door.  This is easiest lock for a thief to defeat.  This is a basic door knob that is equipped with an internal lock.  A knob lock helps make residential homes and commercial businesses and offices protected from unauthorized entry.  Knob locks can also keep children safe when installed properly. 
There are 2 types of knob locks.  The first is the type of lock that is used in conjunction with a key.  This is a simple doorknob that includes an internal lock that is operated by inserting a key into the component.  This is the most commonly used and the oldest form of knob lock in the world.   The second is for internal use usually for an office, a bathroom or a bedroom door.  This is a design called a privacy lock.  This is usually a small knob that can turn left or right to lock and unlock the door from inside.  This is an easy lock to get locked out with because you can lock the door and shut it without knowing that you locked it.  It is also an easy lock to open.  This type of lock provides a level of privacy, not intended for security.

Boynton Beach Locksmith

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Your family is the most important people to protect.  Having secure locks on your home is very important.  Choosing the right lock can be overwhelming, but Adams Locksmiths can help you chose your locks and we can install them quickly.  Each one of us at Adams Locksmiths takes our safety seriously and we have locks on our homes so why not ask us what we think what type of locks you should have on your home or office.  We would suggest locks that will protect you within your budget.  You might not even need new locks; we can re-key your existing locks and we can fix your locks which can save you money.  You might want more locks... we can affix a new lock to your door.  We are your trusted Boynton Beach Locksmiths.  We come to you quickly and we work efficiently.  We want you to feel safe.  

If you are ever locked out of your office, car or home, please call someone that can come to you quickly and someone who is reputable.  We have been in business for over 30 years and we have a testimonial page that you can review. We will treat you like family.  Call us for your security.  

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Childproof Locks

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Once a child gets to a certain height he/she can open the door and have easy access to the outside. Here are some tips how to childproof your home and keep your child safe.  Have a locksmith install a half deadbolt.  It’s called a half deadbolt because the thumb turn to lock the door is on the inside of the home and there’s nothing on the outside of the door.  This lock is installed high enough so you can reach it but the child can’t.  If you have a sliding glass door, have the locksmith install a pin that also is up too high for the child to reach.  That will prevent the sliding glass door to open unless you want it to. Call Adams Locksmiths to childproof your home and for all your security needs.  We’re licensed, bonded, insured and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We have trucks in all areas and we can come to you at your convenience.  Make an appointment today.