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Re-key Those Old Locks


Re-keying may be your best option for old locks

Have you recently moved to a new home or moved to a new business location?  The locks on the newly purchased home and the locks on the new commercial door is in perfect working condition.  To save you time and money, you can re-key the old locks.  This will give you the security you need from your locks with working on a budget.  Our Adams Locksmiths professional and honest locksmith team will come out to your home or business and give you a real estimate and do the work right then and there.  Our work is 100% guaranteed.  

Has a family member lost their key?  Don't just get a new key made up.  Someone that isn't honest could have picked them up and now have access to your home.  Don't take the chance on an intruder coming to your home.  Re-key your lock immediately.  It is a minor inconvenience to call a locksmith to protect yourself and your family, but it can be a major catastrophe to have to call a locksmith to change the locks or re-key your lock after the intruder has used the found keys.  Be prepared and don't delay to protect your family. Call Adams Locksmiths in Broward County at (954) 753-1677 or (561) 488-6343 for Adams Locksmiths in Palm Beach County. Have you loaned your key out to a tradesman or neighbor that you never received back after the work was done?  Be aware of people that hold onto your key or have lost your key.  You must be safe rather than sorry.  You don't want to risk your family's safety or belongings because you "trust" your serviceman that still has your key.  It is important that your family's safety comes first and we at Adams Locksmiths have our own family so we know what it takes to keep your family safe.  

Do you have different keys for front side and back doors?  This makes it so difficult to find the correct keys to lock and unlock your doors.  Make your life easy and have one key for multiple locks.  We will assess your locks and make sure that one key will work for all of your locks.  We can re-key your home to have one key for all locks making your life easy (and your purse or pocket much lighter).  

Better than having one key for all of your locks, what about a keyless push button lock?  You can always have comfort knowing you will never be locked out of your home.  You set the lock with your own personal 4 digit code that can be changed at any time.  Never have to leave your key with a neighbor for those "just in case I lose my key" situations.  A keyless lock will always allow you to gain entry to your home.  You choose your 4 digit code and your family and your home is safe.  The code stays within your family and never shared.  Never have to carry another key again.  

Adams Locksmiths to discuss your re-keying needs.  

"Be prepared and be honest."  - John Wooden  

You do your part and we will do ours.  We at Adams Locksmiths are in the locksmith business for over 30 years as a family owned and operated business.  We don't just sell locks, we sell security.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and we guarantee all of our work.  We treat you like family. Call our family to discuss your locksmith needs.