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The Most Common Ways Burglars Enter the Home

Ensure That Your Home is Safeguarded Against the Possibility of Burglary

Crime prevention and breaking and entering are some of the initial thoughts we consider when it comes to safety for our home. Safeguarding our family and prized home possessions are things that homeowners are not to take lightly. Burglars are sneaky and are experts in the realm of unlawful entry into a home in a discreet manner. In order to ensure that your home is protected from unwanted entry, consider these top most common ways that burglars enter your home. By taking the appropriate measures in locking these entryways, you can rest assure that you’re home is safe from residential burglary (Source).

Burglary is invasive, scary, and can leave your home, and your emotions, in turmoil. Through making sure all of these vital access points in your home are safeguarded, robbery will be less likely to occur. Locksmiths in Coral Springs can help protect your home with the best locks.

  1. The Front Door: This may seem unlikely and far too obvious, but the truth is, burglars know that many people hide a ‘spare key’ around their front door such as underneath the doormat, in the mailbox, or under a rock or flower pot. Approximately 34 percent of break-ins involve forced entry through the front door of a home (Source). Your front door is the primary location for break-ins to occur: never hide spare keys in obvious places, always keep your doors locked, and at night, secure your door with addition locks such as a steel barrel bolt lock and/or chain door fastener lock.

  1. Second Floor Windows: Homeowners sometimes make the decision to keep their upstairs bedroom window unlocked, thinking that there is no possible way someone could climb up there and get it. A second-floor bedroom window is one of the most common passage points for burglars. Often times, homeowners make the mistake of leaving a ladder at the side of their house, making climbing up to the second floor easy for burglars. Always lock your windows when you are leaving for the day and before you go to bed. Tip: Reinforce them with a solid wood stick or brass bar for additional safety.

  1. Ground-Level Floors: Windows that are situated on the ground level are one of the most fragile points of entry into your home. Burglars won’t actually break the glass to get in, as that would draw obvious attention to the scene. To these break-in experts, lifting up an unlatched window or easily breaking a cheaper locking system, allows them to efficiently enter the home with little to no effort at all. On average, it takes less than one minute for a burglar to gain entry and less than five minutes to take what they want and leave (Source). Always secure any and all points of entry before you leave your home.

A burglary takes place approximately every 18 seconds in the United States. Don’t be part of this statistic: be smart about home protection and secure all points of entry. Installing a professional locking system will give you peace of mind that you have taken the proper precautions to protect your home and your family.

The Benefits of Surveillance Signage & Home Automation

Some modern locking systems boast automation such as time-sensitive lighting systems for when you are on vacation or know that you will be coming home late. Installing motion detection lights are also a beneficial course of action that deters burglars from breaking in. Always put security signage in your windows and on your front lawn, as seeing these will discourage crooks from choosing your house to break into. Burglars are much less likely to break into your home if it has security system signs around it. Having a “Property Protected by Surveillance” sign is also advantageous when it comes to averting unwanted visitors. Also ensure that if you have a garage and an entry into your home within the garage, that these entryways are locked at all times both when you are home and not home.

It’s always important to make your home appear as though it is occupied, even when no one is home. Leave one light on and turn the radio on as well to give the illusion that somebody is home. Taking simple precautions will help better secure your home against thieves and will make your home less of a target.